In recent blog posts of ours, we’ve been happy to take the opportunity to provide a few interesting facts about group fitness classes, gyms, and fitness in general. Before that, we addressed some foods you should think about avoiding if losing belly fat is a priority for you. We’ve also discussed how getting fit can positively change yourself — from both a physical and psychological standpoint. We’d encourage you to go back and read as many of our blog posts as you can, especially if you are looking for a bit of encouragement!

Pro Fitness RI is your Warwick fitness center of choice. We believe that “fit” is not so much a destination as it is a way of life. That’s why we’ve set up a multipurpose health club that offers advanced equipment, local group fitness classes, and personal training services. We’ve even got a Kids Zone — an exciting, safe place for your little ones to entertain themselves while you get your exercise!


Reviews matter to us because our reputation matters to us. This is the case not only because online reviews have never been more important, but because we want every single person looking for a high-quality gym filled with friendly people to know that Pro Fitness RI is one of the best gyms in Warwick for good reason.

It also means the world to us that our loyal gym members would take the time to let us know how we are doing. And whether that feedback is glowing or constructive, we appreciate both. One encourages us, and the other helps us know where we can improve. To stay on top of our game, making sure people have a fantastic experience when they walk through our doors, such customer feedback is essential!

That being said, today’s blog is all about highlighting a few of our favorite reviews and testimonials we’ve received. Truth be told, we don’t mind singing our own praises every now and then — but there’s more to this blog than that. We want people looking for an affordable gym in Rhode Island to be able to find what they are looking for. We want those people to be able to hear from folks who were once in those same shoes, but now have found what they are looking for! If that describes you at all, keep reading! This blog is for you.



“The staff is friendly. Great parking. Great location.”

“Awesome gym tucked in the back. These guys took over a spot that’s had some issues. First Gold’s Gym…then Global X Gym…now ProFitness. They came in and cleaned up the joint. There’s a decent variety of equipment. They brought in new equipment that I hadn’t seen in a gym before. Eg. the TRX system and a sled. Really helps in switching things up here and there. The staff is friendly. Great parking. Great location.” – Marcus B., Five Stars, Google Reviews

We are a Rhode Island Pro Fitness gym, you are correct Marcus! You are also correct that we had a bit of work to do after having taken over, but that didn’t deter us from our mission! We wanted to create a Warwick gym that was affordable, convenient, friendly, and effective! Not every gym has each of those elements in spades — so it is something of a challenge. And while we won’t claim to have “arrived,” because we are always growing and improving, we believe that people like Marcus have found a place they can call their gym home here. For more reasons than Marcus mentioned, we are proud of what we have going on here!

“Very clean and affordable”

Tons of equipment and it’s very clean and affordable. It’s also a huge improvement over the previous gyms that used to be here.” – Matt B., Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

Matt, a local guide of Rhode Island, took the time to write us this five-star review. For that we are thankful, as are we thankful for his business! Matt, we appreciate you pointing out how cost-effective and clean the facilities are at Pro Fitness RI!

The staff is amazing, the people that go here are great…

I love this place! The staff is amazing, the people that go here are great, the equipment is up to date and in great shape. At the end of the day, for the price, accessibility and equipment you couldn’t get this anywhere in the near vicinity.” – Bobby S., Recommendation, Facebook

Bobby is nice enough to echo particular facets of our gym which others have highlighted above — price point, convenience, and equipment are all on the list. We do our very best to make sure our members have the equipment they need to help them achieve their personal fitness goals. Thanks again, Bobby!

It is hard to find a gym that is as clean and professional for the price

I have been coming here for 10 years + and still see the same people! It is hard to find a gym that is as clean and professional for the price. They have also kept my rates near the same even with different owners.” – C T., Five Stars, Google Reviews

We agree, C. T., it really is difficult to find a local gym that combines an affordable membership with an atmosphere that is so clean! And to our readers, you can notice a trend emerging, can’t you? Pro Fitness RI is clean and professional, just like C. T. said! Thanks for coming to our gym for over a decade! That’s an incredible accomplishment, C. T.!

“More like a family atmosphere than a gym”

I absolutely love this gym! There’s plenty of new equipment. The staff is always willing to help you with any questions you might have. The people who go there are very friendly. There’s a great mix of old and young people who are all very kind and courteous to each other. To me it feels more like a family atmosphere than a gym. I recommend this gym for the beginners and advanced weight lifters. Two Thumbs Up!” – Steve P., Five Stars, Facebook

Steve, thanks so much for taking the time to give us a bit of feedback. We can’t overstate how much it means to us that you have pointed out specifics like our staff’s friendliness and our members’ respect which they share for one another. As you said, it really does feel like a family atmosphere sometimes! Whether you have never so much as lifted a weight in your life or you are a bodybuilder looking to take your fitness to the next level, we’ve got you covered at our Warwick fitness center! Thanks again, Steve.

Love their group classes

Very nice gym and clean, good staff, staff is so friendly, love their group classes” – Farheen K. Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

We wanted to include this review by Farheen for a few different reasons. Firstly, she’s a loyal member and we love seeing her around. Second, she gave us five stars and is a local guide (call us shameless, we don’t care!). And third, she mentions how much she loves our group fitness classes in Warwick. At your convenience, dear reader, you can check out our fitness class description and schedule for yourself! Farheen, thanks for taking the time to highlight what we are doing well!

Highly recommend this gym to everyone

Pro Fitness is clean, has a great layout, has the best equipment a ton of cardio machines and lots of classes.. The staff is very friendly. I love the quotes on the walls! I am So happy there is a new gym at this convenient location for me. I was a golds gym member at this location and it’s nice to see so many people from golds now going to this gym.. Highly recommend this gym to everyone.” Brenda C., Five Stars, Facebook

Yes, Brenda! We love how fired up you get about what we have going on at Pro Fitness RI. We can’t say how much we enjoy reading five-star reviews like yours, but this one happens to stand out! Thanks again, Brenda!


If you are considering trying us out, we’ve got some options for you. But whichever you choose, it means you’ll get full access to spinning classes, the cardo area, free weights, our indoor turf area, Group X classes, full-service lockers, yoga classes, and much more!

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us at your convenience.