Welcome back to the Pro Fitness RI blog! In case you need a refresher about what we’ve been addressing lately, our latest blog highlighted foods that are worth avoiding if you would like to prioritize losing belly fat. It’s not exactly a pleasant read, seeing as how most of the foods we attempt to dissuade you from consuming are, in fact, quite delicious. However, it is an important one, so make sure you check it out when you get the opportunity.

Before that, we took a more optimistic approach, when we discussed how getting fit at a Warwick gym could change your life. To be fair, we didn’t exactly have any old Warwick gym in mind when we were composing the blog — we were thinking about Pro Fitness RI, your multipurpose health club in Rhode Island. If you could use a bit of motivation, we’d encourage you to take a look at that blog. You’ll be raring to go with the best gym membership in Rhode Island in no time at all!

So whether you need a kick-in-the-pants when it comes to the kind of diet you’ve been maintaining or you need a pick-me-up so you can visualize how much better your life will be upon getting physically fit, we’ve got you covered!


As we’ve just stated, we’ve bounced around a bit in terms of blog topics of late. Today’s blog, as the title no doubt already gave away, will continue with the miscellaneous trend by way of throwing out some interesting, surprising, and fun fitness facts! So why don’t you take a break from whatever you are doing and take two minutes so you can impress your family and friends the next time you get the opportunity to in any number of possible conversations!

Some facts will be practically beneficial, while others will be down-right weird. Either way, it’s gonna be great. Let’s dive in.

  • Kids aren’t as active as they once were. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health states that only one third of all children are physically active on a day-to-day basis. That is seriously not good.
  • So, what are kids doing while they aren’t being active? They are spending an average of 7.5 hours a day watching television, or in front of some other kind of screen. While you or I can’t do much about other families and children’s unhealthy habits, we can control our own! You’ll be pleased to learn that Pro Fitness RI offers a Kids Zone, a place where your children can run around and play while you get your fitness on! That’s called a perk in our book!
  • To piggy-back off of the point above, here’s one more depressing fact about the state of the physical health of American children — according to the Washington Post, “Fewer than 1 in 25 elementary schools and fewer than 1 in 13 middle schools in this country provide daily P.E. classes for all students.” Ensuring they get their exercise somewhere else might be crucial, as it turns out.
  • Let’s bring a bit of positivity to this blog, shall we? Did you know that physical activity of almost any kind will improve your mood? We’ve all heard of the “runner’s high,” but most of us consider it to be a state of mind only achievable after a half-marathon or something equally taxing. In reality, anything from a light doubles tennis match to a long run will release endorphins. This should help encourage you to want to go back and be physically fit more often!
  • Alright, back to the grind: It’s pretty much impossible to “target” fat loss. This is because fat loss is more of a byproduct than a goal, as it is systemic. Fat loss occurs as part of a greater fitness plan that involves optimized fitness plans and dietary changes.
  • Let’s talk about group fitness classes. They are a blast, aren’t they? Maybe we are biased, but there is something to be said about the energy in a room when everyone is challenged and engaged, cheering each other on as we try to catch our breath!
  • Our last group fitness class fact is that it can be an excellent way to stay consistent in your workouts. Why? You just might form some friendships that will keep you steady and focused. What’s more, you could make some friends that you love spending time with, whether they help you reach your personal fitness goals or not!


Whether you are looking for one-on-one personal training, group fitness classes, or just a reliable gym that’s clean and has a friendly staff, we’ve got you covered at Pro Fitness RI. We are passionate about helping our members achieve their fitness goals. With the certification and experience to back up our passion, we believe Pro Fitness RI is the health club that can help turn your goals into a reality. Thanks for reading — and be sure to get your membership at our fitness center in Warwick today!