Today’s post is going to shift gears from our typical blogs, so get ready! In fact, this post is intended for anyone who could use some help with the process of visualizing how getting into shape will trickle down into other areas of your life, giving you more self-confidence and helping you feel better about everything from relationships to your work life!

Does that sound like we are reaching? We really aren’t! And we have the research to back it up. But before we dive head-first into today’s post, allow us a few words about how we are one of the top fitness centers in Warwick, Rhode Island!


We offer one-on-one personal training, a variety of fitness classes, world-class facilities and a membership that provides plenty of perks (not to mention you can try us out for free for 3 days!). But beyond that, it’s about the culture that Pro Fitness RI has. We don’t think that “fit” is a destination — it’s a way of life!

No matter the specific reasons you want to get in shape, there’s no denying that it takes a serious commitment to be consistent about accomplishing your fitness goals. We think that Pro Fitness RI offers the kind of supportive, energetic community that will keep you motivated to reach your personal fitness goals.


That being said, we are pretty sure it’s safe to say that everyone could use an extra dose of inspiration from time to time. That’s why we are writing about a few of the lesser-known ways getting fit could change your life for the better!


Let’s start with one that most people think of right off the bat — confidence. But whether you’ve been content with your physical appearance for a while or you have never felt that way, societal expectations certainly don’t help our efforts to feel good about ourselves when we are constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic standards of beauty.

It’s also fair to say that wanting to get physically healthier doesn’t mean you are giving in to cultural pressures about what you should and shouldn’t look like. A lot of folks want to get into shape for the right reasons. We’d argue that boosting your self-confidence is certainly among them as well. What’s more, this uptick in how you feel about yourself doesn’t have to be when you’ve finally “arrived” at a physical state you are pleased with. Remember, fitness is a lifestyle and a journey, not a destination!

So don’t feel guilty about feeling good about the progress you are making! Celebrate it! Even if it’s something as seemingly negligible as your slacks feeling a little looser, it’s worth drinking a beer and eating some fries about! (We kid).

Negative Stress

There’s a difference between positive stress, or eustress, and negative stress, which is another term for negative stress. Eustress helps us feel alive. It’s that anticipatory feeling we get before we go to a party or on a date. Distress is obviously not that; it’s unwanted stress that results in a stress response. This stress response might be physiological or psychological, but there’s a safe bet that other parts of our lives are going to suffer when we are “stressed out.”

Here’s some good news: being fit and exercising regularly has been studied and proven to reduce stress levels. Whether the root of your stress is relational, spiritual, personal, or professional, a good way to get ahold of your state of mind is to put your body to work.

Remember how we said this theory has been studied and proven? That’s true, and what’s even better about the study is that it was performed by Harvard Medical School. And while most of us already know that exercise reduces stress on some level, you might be interested in learning how it happens in particular.

Exercising consistently pushes your body to moderate stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Workout out will aid in bringing your endorphins levels up a bit, which makes us feel generally happy. What’s more, regular exercise will cause neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine to get a boost. These neurochemicals will work in concert with the previously mentioned endorphins to help reduce anxiety and promote calmness.

We aren’t sure about you, but we would welcome both of those things taking place with open arms!


Memory And Focus

We’ll admit that the average Joe or Jane might already be familiar with a few of the benefits we’ve discussed thus far. That means it’s time to set off for some unchartered waters…

More specifically, we’ve found research that has asked questions about if getting fit helps you get smarter, in so many words. And, somewhat surprisingly, the answer has been a rough yet resounding, yes!

The first study, performed by Wendy Suzuki from New York University, determined that just 50 minutes of cardio exercise will significantly increase a subject’s capacity to focus while performing a variety of tasks. However, this effect only lasts for roughly two hours. So the next time you have a big meeting, speech, or exam you need to hit out of the park, you know what to do around an hour beforehand!

The second study we looked at, also performed by Suzuki, concerned long-term effects of regular exercise, with memory being centerfold. The study showed that a neurochemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, is vital to the process of making new brain cells and their connectors, termed synapses.

Suzuki explained the connection between exercise and BDNF: “The mechanism by which exercise is protective is not fully understood, but even in animals that are in terrible levels of stress, running on a wheel brings memory and brain function back to more normal levels.”

We might not fully understand how exercise and memory are linked, but we do know enough that there is a strong enough link to be seriously encouraged by this discovery!

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