In recent posts, we’ve got a touch philosophical with our blogging. Between suggesting how to stay fit in your fitness routine and describing the unique benefits of personal training, we’ve enjoyed describing some of the little-known elements of the physical fitness journey.

However, life is meaningless if it’s not balanced. As such, we are going to hit you with a straightforward blog post describing the fitness classes we offer at our Warwick, RI gym, Pro Fitness RI.


So sit back, relax, and imagine yourself sweating profusely while getting an incredible workout at one of these classes!

Strength and Balance

This class is all about improving posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. There is an additional emphasis on mental focus and is intended for all fitness levels.

Cardio Muscle Conditioning

This class expertly blends strength training with an intense cardio workout. It alternates between strength exercises and cardio training to develop and sculpt muscle groups. If you are looking for a total body workout, here you go!

Cardio Blast

Our Cardio Blast class is exactly what it sounds like — intense, efficient, and effective! If you are getting a little tired of the same old cardio workout, give them a refresher with this 30-minute cardiovascular interval training class! It’s sure to get the heart pumping!

Muscle Sculpt

The first thing you need to know about Muscle Sculpt is that it’s awesome. The second is that it involves hand weights, body bars, steps, balls, and plyometric workouts to make sure everyone burns plenty of calories while still giving muscles an incredible workout. It’s a non-cardio class but your heart rate is sure to be elevated practically the entire time!

Advance Cardio Boxing

Boxing is awesome because it engages your mental and emotional faculties while providing a fantastic workout as well. The tactics and techniques you learn in this boxing class can be applied to other aspects of your life, giving you confidence and focus. We’ll start with the fundamentals, such as stance, footwork, movement, balance, and leverage, before moving on to coordination, fast-snapping punches, and other conditioning exercises. If you want us to bring out the fiery best in you, give this intense cardio boxing workout a try!

Butts & Guts

Sculpted butts are in, folks, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so — and so are washboard abs! You can get both at this strengthening and toning class where we focus on your abdominal area, buttocks, thighs, and lower back. You’ll burn calories while building muscle, leaving you with confidence and pride!


If you are sick of the same old 8-minute ab routine with techniques from the 70s, our Core class provides the muscle confusion you need to get your abs and core to the next level of strength. This will support you in a wide range of activities, athletic or otherwise!

Boot Camp

The ProFitness boot camp is intended to improve your muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular system all at once. If you are an athlete looking to compete at a high level, this is a great class for you. Suitable for any level of fitness, you can easily burn 500 calories in a single class!


Recent research suggests that high-intensity interval training is the ideal method of training for improved cellular regeneration alongside other key benefits. This total body workout is (obviously) intense, involving drills that enhance power, strength, quickness, and agility. It’s one of the most fun ways to get fit and improve your athletic ability!


The ProFitness yoga workout helps improve balance, posture, strength, circulation, and flexibility. It also supports mental wellbeing and can be used as an effective recovery class to supplement a rigorous workout routine. You can expect to burn between 250-400 calories per yoga class.


Pilates helps improve strength and coordination while participants can look forward to experiencing better posture and general toning. The class involves traditional Pilates movement patterns, utilizing breath and correct alignment throughout the class.


For anyone who has never experienced the wonderfulness that is a Zumba group exercise class, let us enlighten you. Our Zumba class features fast and slow rhythmic movements performed at intervals combined with resistance training exercises. You can expect to tone, sculpt, and burn fat while having an incredible time dancing! The movements are simple and easy to follow — but, boy, will they ever tucker you out!

Kickboxing Classes

You can expect to burn between 300-600 calories while performing high-intensity kickboxing drills. Open for all ability levels, you can expect an intense cardio workout when you hook, jab, uppercut, and kick your way to a healthier you! We would recommend you attend this class if you have a medium to high fitness levels. However, newcomers are always welcome — just let your instructor know it’s your first time and you should be all set!


Cycling is great when you have others cycling their way through the pain alongside you! In all seriousness, our Cycling Classes are as legit as they come. We combine energizing pump-up music with a variety of class styles to strengthen the heart and lungs while helping you burn between 400-600 calories in a single class. Additional benefits of our cyclic classes include lowering total cholesterol, decreasing stress, and general mood improvement. Keep in mind, we also offer Cycling beginner classes if you’d like to dip your feet in a bit!



We hope you feel sufficiently inspired to try out our Warwick fitness center for yourself! If you are a group fitness kind of person, we are sure you’ll quickly find a home here. If you aren’t, well, you can still use our gym or personal training services and love it here! We offer one-on-one personal training alongside a host of other benefits, including the awesome Pro Fitness Kids Zone.

Reach out to us today if you have any questions whatsoever, or if you are ready to become a Pro Fitness RI member! We’d love to hear from you and help you get into the best shape of your life!