Fit is not a destination — it’s a way of life! If you were to browse our website for any length of time, you’d be sure to see the aforementioned phrase a handful of times. Why? We really believe that it’s true because we’ve experienced it for ourselves!

Pro Fitness of Warwick, RI, is your go-to local gym if you are looking for a multipurpose health club which offers a variety of classes and personal training options. But regardless of if you elect to use our personal training services to help you refine and meet your goals, we want our readers, who are our prospective gym members, to know that our gym is full of people who want you to succeed. We are like a family here at Pro Fitness RI, and we are confident you’ll get a firm sense of that if you were to attend one of our many fitness classes on offer!

However, for the purposes of today’s blog, we’ll be highlighting a number of benefits that come from personal training. While personal training may not be right for everyone, there is plenty to say about the structure and motivation it can provide a great number of people looking to improve their fitness and wellness!

That being said, let’s dive in with a few benefits of hiring a personal trainer!


You don’t know what you don’t know, so they say. We’d say that there’s a significant degree of truth to that statement, especially when applied to the world of exercise, weight lifting, and general fitness. As a team of personal trainers and fitness professionals, it can be somewhat frustrating to see how many people use unabashedly incorrect form when performing certain exercises (don’t get us started on the form we see people use while deadlifting).

That’s where a personal trainer, with years of training and experience, can come into play and make a serious difference. Not only does using proper weightlifting technique dramatically reduce your chances of injuring yourself while working out, but it’s crucial if you want your exercise to be effective. Our Warwick personal trainers will take the time to make sure you understand “the why” behind each exercise you are doing. We take a holistic, full-body approach to personal training, so we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to demonstrating proper form, putting together a tailored workout routine based on your personal goals, and help you with motivating yourself to be consistent with your fitness for a long time to come!


One highly underrated benefit of having a personal trainer is that they allow you to keep your fitness routine fresh. If left to your own devices, workouts tend to get fairly stale after a while — especially if you aren’t equipped with the knowledge of enough workouts for you to change it up often enough!

If you feel like your workouts are getting complacent, having a personal trainer means they’ll supply you with a diversity of exercises so that you won’t get bored. Not only does this variety help when you feel stuck in a mental rut, but the “muscle confusion” caused by changing up workout routines will help you achieve superior results. Doing the same five exercises three or four times a week is all well and good, but the odds are that varying your routine will help improve your overall fitness in terms of well-roundedness.


Look, just because we say that “fitness is a way of life,” it doesn’t mean that we aren’t human. We get that getting up an hour or two early to fit in your daily workout isn’t easy — especially if you are doing it every day and find yourself stretched for time (and sleep) in the first place.

It’s no secret that exercise isn’t fun all of the time, although we certainly do our best to create an energetic, motivating environment here at Pro Fitness RI. One of the best ways we can do that, however, is through our one-on-one personal training sessions.

Whatever your reason might be for lacking the motivation to be consistent in your workouts, having someone who can hold you accountable to your goals will certainly help most everyone. For our part at Pro Fitness RI, our personal trainers are passionate and caring; we want to see you succeed just as much as you do! We are in your corner, willing you on with our words and actions. If you are looking for that extra boost in motivation, you’ve found the answer with our Warwick personal training.



Perhaps the single most important element a personal trainer will provide concerns setting achievable goals. For most people who don’t have formal training, setting goals is usually vague; “I want to go down a waist size,” “I want to bulk up,” or “I want to feel like I did in my 20s” are a good start, but you won’t be as likely to actually achieve those goals unless you lay out how you’ll make daily progress toward them.

Simply put, a personal trainer will help you set clear goals, and then they will help you fulfill them. Ultimately, it’s you who is pushing and pulling the weight, so it’s you who will be succeeding or failing. But your trainer can help pave the way toward success with specific, attainable goals.

If you accept the possibility that you might fail, it’s easier to take precautions to safeguard that from happening. If you assume that you will succeed without help, you open yourself up to letting your weakness of motivation prevail! We want to keep that from happening here at Pro Fitness RI.


Whether you are a gym newbie or a fitness model, pretty much everyone who works out has the twin goals of gaining muscle and losing fat — to one extent or another. Your personal trainer at Pro Fitness RI can help decide which exercise routines are correct for your body type and fitness goals. We are able to suggest the exact right exercises to help accelerate what you already want to achieve!


A recent modern advancement in the world of fitness is the focus on functional fitness. Functional fitness, or functional-movement training, is a system which identifies patterns of movement required for normal mobility. Our personal trainers can identify weaknesses in your profile that extend beyond excess fat and a lack of muscle mass. Personal trainers are adept in providing exercises which address inadequacies in balance and coordination. Almost everyone can improve in some way, so it’s just one more reason to consider utilizing our personal training services in Rhode Island!

Learn more about our personal training program here, and contact us if you are ready to become a Pro Fitness RI member!