Welcome back to the Pro Fitness RI blog! In our last post, we highlighted just a few of the many benefits of working out in a group. Among said benefits were motivation. That is, being a part of a regular gym class typically lends itself to you getting to know your classmates and instructors. If you establish a community, or maybe just make a friend, you’ll be more likely to get yourself to the class on a regular basis!

There are many other benefits we discussed, so be sure to read the entire post when you get the chance! Here at our Warwick gym, we offer a wide variety of fitness classes, from kickboxing and Zumba to spin class and yoga. Feel free to check out our class schedule when you get the opportunity.

Once you browse our fitness classes along with the class descriptions thereof, we hope you have a good feel for what kind of fitness center we have here at Pro Fitness RI. We don’t think of “fit” as being a destination so much as a lifestyle and journey. As such, we want to make sure that our members are getting the most out of their workouts, whether they take classes, utilize a personal trainer, or are self-directed. So as the title of this post already gave away, in today’s post we’ll be discussing the benefits of cardio and strength training in tandem. Read on if you are interested in ensuring you are getting the most bang for your buck (or sweat) during your workouts!



Most people think about giving their heart a good workout when they think about “doing cardio.” In fact, when we talk about cardio, we are talking about exercising our cardiovascular system. This kind of workout — getting the heart pumping — includes the lungs and circulatory system as well. Getting your blood pumping releases endorphins, called by some as a “runner’s high,” which will help some fall in love with cardio. Whether your romance involves swimming, climbing, hiking, running, cycling, or play organized sports, we’ll leave that up to you!


For a long time, the prevailing thought was that doing exclusively aerobic exercises would help someone lose weight. Modern research has shown us that strength training itself can be an aerobic exercise in and of itself — if it’s done the right way. Discuss with your personal trainer the best way that you should go about including this into your workout routine, but generally speaking, it’s vital to not push yourself to hard. Give yourself in the range of 15 seconds between each set to trigger your heart and lungs to begin pumping. Not only will this kind of aerobic strength training help you burn fat, it should help you build lean muscle mass as well! This affects your metabolism by helping you burn more calories through the day. Cardio alone isn’t enough to provide the definition and muscle mass that most of us are looking for.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into why aerobic exercises and strength training routines are so important to do in tandem. Other benefits that we didn’t have time to get to in today’s post are improvements in balance, coordination, and even bone health when performing specific weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you know that a proper workout routine should include both strength training and cardio-based exercises. Doing so will help you meet your fitness goals. Another great way of accomplishing that is to join the best Gym in Warwick, RI. And you can do so today!