As the weather gets warmer, people tend to want to get outside and get moving! Even if they just end up going to the gym more, there’s something about spring and summer that wakes people up. Maybe you worked out through the winter. Maybe you haven’t worked out in a while and you’re going to dig out your old gear. Either way, we’re headed into a great time of year to live your best, fit life.

In order to work out, you need gear. It doesn’t have to be very complex or expensive, but there are some basics that will make your workouts comfortable and effective. The most important pieces of gear you have are probably your shoes, especially if you’re a runner.

Shoes may not be the most thrilling things to buy, but if you work out in old shoes, you can end up with injuries. Here are four signs that your trusty sneakers need to retire.

The shoes are old.

  • Different shoes last different amounts of time, but, in general, most shoes can go between 300 and 500 miles. This is a rule most commonly applied to running shoes, but if you walk or hike in your shoes, the rule applies as well. In general, if a workout shoe is over two years old, you’ll want to be careful with it. You may just need to lean more heavily on the following signs of tired shoes.

The soles have been worn down.

  • Shoes are a lot like tires. When they get “bald,” they can’t give you grip and shouldn’t be used anymore. It’s also important to press on the midsole of your shoes and see if it feels softer than normal. A softened midsole cannot support your foot correctly.

They feel much different from new shoes.

  • If you’re thinking you’re about due for a new pair of shoes, go ahead and buy a pair. Wear them and see if they feel different from your current shoes. If there is a huge difference, your old shoes are probably past their prime by a lot.

You’re experiencing pain in your feet, legs, and back.

  • Shoes not only keep your joints aligned as you move through your workouts, they provide padding from all the impacts that often happen when you’re in action. If your shoes are worn, they can no longer protect your body and you will feel it. Keep working out in old shoes, and you’ll get injured, so don’t do it!


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