In our last blog, we explored a few great tips for staying active in the fall. After all, this is one of the few times of year when it isn’t burning hot or freezing cold, and it’s worth getting out there to enjoy it! We have a few more tips for you today.



Dress for the weather.

Fall temperatures tend to go all over the place. Yes, things are cooling down, but one day it will be in the high 60s and the next day temperatures will dive into the 30s. Additionally, if you’re running in the morning or the evening, you’re outside right when the temperature swings. Use layers to allow yourself some flexibility. If cold temperatures make you want to stay inside, there’s plenty of running technology out there that can make you the boss of any temperature. Explore running gear, which will keep you warm and comfortable without getting bulky. You’ll enjoy getting outside a lot more!

Go easy on the Halloween candy.

Whether you live for Halloween or you don’t care, it represents the beginning of the holiday season, which can wreak delicious havoc on your weight, habits, and comfort. While it is a season to be enjoyed, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your wellness. Feel free to partake of holiday treats within moderation, and use healthy snacks you enjoy to reduce your need to graze on all the treats showing up at parties, home, and work.

Warm up with tea.

We’re getting into cold and flu season, and there are many teas out there full of antioxidants and other helpful elements that can keep your immune system strong. Whether you finished an outdoor workout or you’re coming home from work on a cold day, choose a cup of tea. Drinking this warm, beneficial beverage will help your body transition into the cooler season without getting sick.

Be honest about your schedule.

The regular schedule you depend on to support your sleep, eating, and other wellness habits can get completely destroyed by the holidays. Evenings fill up with parties and events, and even if you take time off of work to enjoy the holidays, chances are good that time will be filled with other holiday activities. One of the best ways to approach this time is to acknowledge that it’s going to be crazy and then be honest about how much time you’ll really be able to work out. Don’t stress if it’s less than normal; just do what you can. Being realistic from the get-go will prevent you from feeling down when your amoeba of a holiday schedule prevents you from getting to the gym every day.

Look for active fall activities.

Yes, snuggling under warm blankets can be one of the best things about fall, but there are plenty of other fantastic ways to fully enjoy the season while burning some calories. Go on a hike and drink in the foliage colors. Explore corn mazes, pick apples, and go for bike rides. You can even visit haunted houses, mazes, or forests. You can bet running away from an actor with a chainsaw will get your heart pumping!



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