The air is crisping up and the trees are starting to turn. We all know what that means: fall! For many athletes, fall is a fantastic time to work out and enjoy the new freshness in the air. However, it also means the sun sets earlier and the temperatures stay lower. How can you make the most of this unique season and not lose your motivation?


Fall is not just a great time to enjoy being active; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to prepare for winter. Here are a few things to consider!

Choose a fun run.

Some people think that summer is the best time to race, but we would argue that fall is the winner. Fall brings dozens of fun runs and exciting events that involve costumes, food, and other exciting features. By signing up for a race, you give yourself something to work toward and increase the likelihood that you’ll actually keep training. Sign up with a friend or family, and you’ll have accountability partners. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

Don’t forget to hydrate.

It’s easy to remember to drink water when the weather’s hot and making you thirsty. However, once the heat fades away and we move into fall temperatures, people don’t feel as thirsty. As a result, they don’t drink as much water and get dehydrated faster. You can support your hydration levels with the correct appetite control and fluid intake.

Make fall tasks into workouts.

Did you know that you can burn a bunch of calories just by raking for half an hour? Fall is a great opportunity to stay fit in your yard. Sure, you might not be mowing as often, but chances are good you’ll be raking, trimming, and preparing your house for winter. Dive into the beauty of fall, drink in the scent of fallen leaves and wood fires, and enjoy the double benefits of improving your property while improving your body.

Shift your workouts away from evenings.

The sun is setting earlier and earlier, which means it will be darker when you leave work or school. For many people, the change makes them feel more tired in the evening. It can be difficult to get yourself out the door when you’re at the end of a long day and it’s cold and dark outside. Shifting your workouts into the morning or your lunch hour can ensure you get the bright light and friendly conditions that make it easier to stick with your workout habits.

Work out indoors.

Finding the motivation to work out once things get cold and dark can be really difficult. This is the time to integrate fresh workouts and new routines that will build your confidence in new areas. Finding a way to work out inside can free you from the ups and downs of autumn (and oncoming winter) weather. That way, if you need a workout but it’s howling outside, you can fall back on your indoor workout routines.



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