If you’re putting aside time to work out, you’re probably hoping to see results. The good news is, you probably will! However, chances are good that the results you’re seeing aren’t as great as they could be. A lot of workout success depends on how well you use your time. You can work out for an hour and see fewer results than someone who works out for twenty minutes. So what is the key to maximizing every one of those precious moments you dedicate to recreating yourself?

The team at Pro Fitness has been in the fitness world for years, and in that time, we’ve seen a lot of different approaches to working out for results. We’ve learned that different people need different approaches, but we’ve also learned that there are a few elements that are extremely effective across the board. Once you know what they are, you can incorporate them into your workout style to ensure that the time you spend at the gym (and the money you pay for membership) are giving you maximum returns.

Stick to a Proper Warmup

  • Most of us spend a majority of our time sitting down. We also don’t tend to do many strenuous activities outside of working out. As a result, many of our muscles just don’t really get used. A good warmup will echo the movements you’re going to do during your workout. It will target troublesome muscles and get them ready to go. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes, and it is well worth it.

Train Your Core

  • Before you dive into the meat of your workout, you want to get your body’s muscles stabilized. Activate and strengthen your core with about ten minutes of hip bridges, side planks, hand-high rotation holds, and traditional plants. Pay close attention to your breathing, as it is easy to hold your breath while doing core exercises.

Develop Your Power

  • Intense, short force is power, so exercises like jumps and medicine ball tosses are a great way to ramp up your body as a whole. Push your muscles to the limit, and you’ll activate your entire body, preparing you for the main part of your workout.

Dive into Resistance Training

  • Once you’ve given your entire body a run for its money, you can get into the more traditional strengthening exercises like leg presses, curls, and squats. This main phase of your workout should last about 25 minutes. Having previously warmed up, activated your core, and ramped your body up as a whole will allow you to dive into these intense, isolated exercises without risking injury.

Finish with Energy Systems Training

  • You want to leave your workout with an empty tank, so push yourself to the limit with full-body intervals that get your heart rate way up. These can be exercises like battling ropes, jumping ropes, or slide boarding. You’ll end your workout on a high note!


  • It can be easy to finish the strenuous part of your workout and just leave, especially if you took too long in a previous section and you’re crunched for time. Don’t do this! Instead, foam roll your muscles out for injury prevention and quick recovery. If you’re short on time, focus on sore muscles or parts of your body that always give you trouble.


When you have a great facility and an even better community, fitness success is inevitable. At our Warwick fitness center, we offer an open gym, premium fitness classes, and world-class personal trainers. Join our positive community and enjoy growing into your best self!