Staying active in the winter months can be very difficult if you live in a location that gets lots of snow and low temperatures. Add in the holidays, and you can find your active lifestyle gets pretty much derailed. In Rhode Island, we get pretty intense winter weather, and it can make life a struggle for Rhode Islanders who are passionate about running outdoors.  The good news is, there are things you can do to get outside even when it’s January and we’re lost in Mother Nature’s freezer.

At Pro Fitness, we understand the challenges of running outside during the winter, and we are on a mission to help the people of Cramston achieve their fitness goals. In our last blog, we discussed a few tips for making the most of your winter running. Today, we want to finish up our list with four last winter running tips.

More Tips for Running in the Cold

Some people have no problem running on treadmills, but if you crave being able to get out into nature when you run, there are a few things you should keep in mind this winter. Read on!

Keep your extremities warm.

  • You lose a majority of your body heat through your hands and head, so always wear a hat and gloves. We also recommend you invest in some good wool running socks that will keep your feet warm even when wet. It’s a good idea to choose easily compressible items so you can secure them in your waistband or pocket if you heat up too much.

Wear the right clothing.

  • As you may know, running in the winter involves significant body temperature swings. You’ll start out cold and probably end up feeling really toasty. That makes layers very important. We recommend you put on a moisture-wicking layer first, a middle layer with insulation, and an outer layer that can block wind and moisture. There are many garments that will keep you warm without reducing your mobility.

Be kind to your lungs.

  • Dry, cold air requires your entire respiratory system to work harder. It has to warm up the air you breathe. You can help it out by covering your mouth with a ski mask or balaclava to hold in the warmth and moisture your body already has. This is especially important if you’re running while the temperatures are in the single or negative digits.

Pick a goal.

  • Keeping your motivation up when daylight is at a minimum can be very difficult. We recommend you choose a race in the early spring and use it to motivate you to train through the cold months. It can also be a good idea to join a running club where you can get support, accountability, and encouragement.

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