If you love to run but you live in an area that experiences significant winter weather, the cold months can be very challenging. You can’t just toss on some light clothing and run out the door. Instead, you have to analyze just how cold it is, dress accordingly, and then dodge ice and snow the whole way. Additionally, many people get discouraged by short winter days when trying to get out the door and exercise in general. Here in Rhode Island, we’re in the thick of winter, and there’s no better time to explore tips for running in cold weather.

Essential Tips for Running in the Cold

When you make the most of exercise during the winter, you can get into summer feeling fit and healthy. If you love to run, we hope these tips will help you stay on track. Just remember that you have a clean, warm, friendly fitness center at your disposal when you’re ready to escape the cold!

Be smart about your route.

  • If you work a regular job, a majority of your running probably has to happen in the morning or evening. During wintertime, you’ll be in the dark whether you run before or after work, and you need to handle the situation carefully. We recommend you choose a well-lit, short loop. Not only does good lighting help you spot dangerously slick spots, it helps drivers see you, too. Always run against traffic and wear plenty of reflective gear. Lastly, if things are windy outside, do your best to run into the wind on the way out and with the wind on the way back. That way, you don’t have to worry about running into the icy wind while sweaty; this can take an unnecessary toll on your body during flu season.

Maintain good hydration habits.

  • Winter conditions are infamous for dehydrating people. Why? Because winter weather tends to be extremely dry. On top of that, people don’t feel thirsty like they do when they’re hot. As a result, they don’t replace the water they lose while working out. To keep this from happening, drink water like you would during the summer.

Always warm up.

  • The cold is hard on your body no matter what, so it is very important to invest a few extra minutes in warming up correctly. When your joints and muscles are loose, they’ll be less vulnerable to injury. Try to warm up indoors and use movement-based stretches like walking toe touches and leg swings. These exercises warm up your muscles the fastest.

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