It doesn’t matter how fit you are, this truth remains: getting moving makes you feel better. Sure, there may be some aches and pains involved, but the sleep is amazing, and there’s nothing better than having an expanded capacity to handle the challenges of each day. At Pro Fitness, we have realized that we can help people access the same wellness we enjoy and that passion drives us every day to make our Warwick fitness center all that it can be.

We take our responsibility for providing and excellent environment seriously because we understand just how damaging a bad fitness club can be. In today’s blog, we want to go over just a few of the things that set our fitness family apart.

We serve you with a smile.

Our mission is to be here for you from the minute you walk in. We care that you’ve taken time away from work, family, or hobbies to come through our doors, and it is important to us that you know this. We won’t hound you, but believe us when we say we are happy to be able to serve you in any way possible.

We keep our gym comfortable.

If you’ve ever worked out a gym whose owner is trying to save money, you probably experienced hot temperatures in summer and cold temperatures in the winter. This isn’t acceptable. We are here to create an optimal environment for fitness, not a challenging one. We believe that our commitment to excellence will pay the bills, not cutting corners on heating and cooling costs.

We are obsessively clean.

People come to our fitness center to sweat, and we want them to feel free to do so! We understand that most people have no problem wiping down equipment when they’re done, but we are here whether they do or not. Believe us: we like a clean gym. We don’t just clean, we sanitize. We launch a full-scale war on bacteria everywhere, including under our equipment and in the corners. Don’t take this the wrong way, but we want our bathrooms and showers to be cleaner than yours at home. We’re competitive like that.

We keep our rates consistent.

If you’re walking through our doors, we know you’ve set aside hard-earned money to participate in our membership. We know you’re putting skin in the game, and we want to honor that. Our consistent rates help us create a community of people all paying the same amount to pursue an optimal lifestyle. We are a family, after all!

We maintain our equipment.

Everybody can usually agree that some of the best pieces of equipment are the old ones. At our gym, we work hard to ensure that all of our equipment, whether it is older or newer, is in top shape. Whether that means replacing cables, pads, or skins, we’ll do it. We understand that the best value we can give you isn’t always the newest fad machine; it’s carefully-maintained equipment that has proven itself over time.

We offer personal training.

In our book, a gym isn’t a good gym until it makes the effort to individually develop its patrons. A good gym understands that some people are lone wolves and some people come eager to learn and hungry for guidance. Our staff works to accommodate both, aspiring to become well-known for both our training program and our facilities. We want you to feel like you can come in for a quiet workout alone or have an expert waiting to help you pursue your unique goals.

At Pro Fitness, we believe that fitness has a cumulative effect over time, and we are passionate about helping people access the magic of that. We understand that we can lead by example when we keep our facilities in excellent shape and facilitate a positive, free, empowering environment for our clients. Our work ethic sets us apart, and we can’t wait to welcome you. Contact our dynamic Warwick health club and take your wellness to the next level today!