The holidays are upon us, and you can practically hear the fitness regimens so carefully established this fall crashing to pieces. It’s hard to say no to family plans, delicious foods, and fun outings. So many of us let our fitness routines go for the holidays, sending ourselves into January behind the curve and stressed out. However, January’s scramble isn’t the only negative aftereffect of a holiday handled badly; the negatives hit you during the holiday itself. Failing to work out over the holidays can end up depriving you of much-needed stress relief during a time of year that can be very hard on you mentally and emotionally.

In our last blog, we discussed four ways you can reinforce your workout habits this holiday, including making a plan, hitting it early, and getting an accountability partner. Today, we have a few more helpful options for you to consider.

Maintain Your Fitness Motivation This Holiday

Staying motivated to work out through the holidays doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Doing whatever you can to work smarter not harder is key.

Make fitness a group activity.

Sharing time with your loved ones is important over the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be around a table or at the movies. You can all enjoy a 5k, a hike, or even a simple walk. You probably aren’t the only one in your family feeling the stress of the holidays, and just getting some fresh air can make a big difference while allowing you to share moments with those you love.

Balance indulging and holding back.

Heading into the holidays and refusing to partake in any of the delicious treats is pretty unhealthy. An “all or nothing” mindset is your enemy here. Instead of depriving yourself, choose your favorite indulgences and limit yourself to one serving. By slowing yourself down and taking the time to relish single servings of your favorites, you can avoid consuming a week’s worth of calories in one sitting and still get a taste of the holiday’s best offerings.

Utilize your bodyweight.

You may not have time for a round-trip to the gym where your favorite equipment lives. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in. Bodyweight exercises can give you results without the need for equipment, and they don’t take very long. You don’t need more than 20 minutes to give your body a workout and your mind a much-needed release from stress.

Keep tabs on yourself.

You are more likely to use moderation at a party if you’re seeing a lack of results from the workouts you’re doing through the holidays. If you are driven by results, weighing yourself and tracking your development is a great way to give yourself a reason to handle the holiday chaos carefully. The key here is knowing yourself: if results don’t drive you, identify what does and keep tabs on it through the holidays in order to keep your eyes on the prize.

We Are Here to Help

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