The holidays are hectic, bursting with delicious food, and often tightly scheduled with family obligations. Whether you are all about the holidays or you’re just hoping to get through them to the other side, they can put a pretty big dent in your fitness routine. Just the change in daily schedule can take a fitness routine that’s a well-oiled machine and break it down. Staying motivated when you have parties and celebrations to attend is no easy challenge. That is why the team at Pro Fitness in Rhode Island wanted to share some of our favorite tips for keeping that motivation going during a time that is infamous for killing it. Read on to learn more!

You Can Stay Motivated Through the Holidays

Has every holiday up to this point completely jacked up your fitness path, leaving you to scramble to the gym in January? You aren’t alone. However, you can make this year different. Here are some ways to do so!

Make a plan. 

Any difficult situation becomes less challenging when you’re ready to tackle it. Heading in and just hoping for the best won’t work, especially when it comes to the holidays, which have a way of derailing the very best intentions. Instead crossing your fingers, sit down for ten minutes now and plan out your training for the month. You should be planning like this regularly, but it is particularly important during the holidays. When you plan ahead, you can factor in family trips and other challenges, working hard around them so they can be used as recovery. Just don’t leave your fitness up to chance; this is the fastest way to get off track.

Don’t go it alone. 

When the mornings are cold and you were up late celebrating the night before, it can be very difficult to drag yourself out of bed to work out. However, having a workout partner can make a huge difference. You aren’t the only one worried about getting off track, and finding an ally who has the same concerns as you means you can hold each other accountable. There’s nothing like the prospective guilt of leaving your partner hanging to get you out of bed.

Work out early. 

Mornings are a key time for holiday fitness. Why? Because most celebrations go down in the evening, leaving everyone tired and wanting to sleep in. While everyone else is laying in bed and not making plans, you can get a workout in and be ready to handle the day’s events. In order to prevent yourself from getting worn down by burning the candle at both ends, try not to stay up too late in the evenings.

Build up volume. 

You may not have time to fit in a normal workout each day, but you can do even better. Do a bunch of small workouts throughout the day, and you’ll find you can actually fit more in than if you tried to do it all at once. For instance, you can do 20 pushups and 20 squats every hour from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. You’ll get to the end of the day with 260 reps under your belt.

Let Us Help

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