If you have intentions to get in shape for summer, but the couch and your schedule keep getting in the way, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle to keep after their fitness goals in the winter months. There’s just something about the short daylight, snow, and cold temperatures that make it difficult to get out the door. Many people find their moods swing down in the cold months, with can make it even more difficult to find motivation. At Pro Fitness, we understand this winter slump from experience. We’ve found that there are some strategies that can help with fighting it off, and we want to share what we have learned!

In our last blog, we discussed four ways you can turn winter to your advantage, including embracing the cold, finding a workout buddy, adding new music to your playlist, and more. Everyone is different, so we want to give you a few more strategies for making the most of winter. Read on!

How to Avoid the Winter Training Blues

  • Set Goals

    • Winter can be extra-discouraging because we hit January, make goals, and then lose motivation when we can’t accomplish them. Some of us refuse to set goals altogether because we don’t want to get disappointed again. Get free of this trap. Keep in mind that you can set goals whenever you want, for whatever you want. We recommend that you set your sights on concrete objectives, like being able to lift a certain weight, run a certain distance, or complete any exercise that has always seemed too difficult. Focus on it that goal and do your best, staying ready to change things up if you need to.
  • Try New Things

    • Winter isn’t a dead end; it’s an opportunity to try something you’ve never done before. trying a new activity will help you stay engaged and prevent the boredom that can be so deadly to your motivation. Whether it’s yoga, kettlebell training, or something else, get some instruction in a new activity. Bring a friend along to boost the fun!

  • Invest in New Gear

    • Very much like changing your playlist, getting some new gear can make a profound change in your motivation levels. There are always new types of workout tech coming out, and who doesn’t like trying out some new winter jacket that claims to keep a person warm and sweat-free? Now, we know you probably blew a lot of money over the holidays and tax season is on its way, so be smart about your budget. Choose a few great items that aren’t the cheapest on the market; get gear that will actually do the job.
  • Change Up Your Diet

    • Part of what is great about being active is that it automatically makes you more aware of what you’re putting into your body. While winter is the season of rich foods and warming alcohol, try to keep within reason. When you fine-tune your diet, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of your workouts while partaking of soups and other delights of the cold season.

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