Some people have never set foot in a fitness studio and don’t plan to. Others find their best active lifestyle is only possible in the fitness studio. If you’re a fitness class junkie, chances are good you’ve seen your share of oddities. When a bunch of strangers come together to work out for an hour, anything can happen. Some people always want to hog the front. Some forget to put on deodorant before class. Some wear clothes that let you see more than you’d ever want, especially when doing forward bends. Some people are always late and disrupt the beginning of class. There are many things about working out in a group that can be irritating.

While other people in your studio class might irritate you, there’s a chance you might be irritating them right back. Just like any other part of a gym, the fitness studio has etiquette rules that make it far more pleasant for everyone when they’re followed. In our last blog, we explored etiquette for the cardio zone of the gym. In today’s blog, we’re going to turn our attention to the fitness studio. Read on!

Don’t be late

For many of us, fitness classes are slotted into the small free time we have each day, and getting to them on time can be a challenge. However, it’s important to plan to get to your class five minutes early. Why? Because doing so allows you to find a spot for yourself and prepare for the class. When you arrive after the class starts, you disrupt the class. While this is understandable once in a while, try not to make a habit of it. Don’t become that person who is always late!

Don’t ogle

If you aren’t actually participating in the class, you should not hang out and watch. The only exception is if you attend regularly but have an injury and still want to be part of the class. Many studios have glass doors or windows, and people stopping to stare can make it really uncomfortable for whoever is actually doing the class. If you want to observe the class, get permission from the instructor and be respectful about it.

Make space

Fitness classes are generally a bunch of strangers. You can think of it this way: it’s a bus full of people doing fitness together. ┬áTouching each other is one of the last things anyone wants. If the class is popular and therefore crowded, try to stagger your placement so you don’t have to worry about brushing the people around you. Depending on how packed it is, you may have to modify your movements to keep your hands to yourself. Hopefully your fitness studio limits the number of students who can attend each class in order to make the best usage of the space.

Use kindness

This rule applies to every part of a fitness center, but it is especially important in class. When you’ve got a bunch of strangers in a closed space, just a smile can go a long way toward warming things up and making the experience better for everyone. You can say hi and get to know some of the people sweating and working hard around you. Many people have either come out of a hard day or are headed into one, and a bit of kindness can make all the difference.

When fitness is an integral part of your lifestyle, it just makes the rest of life easier. Working out can help you sleep better, focus more deeply, and enjoy an elevated mood. It is also something you can do for yourself every day, something you can achieve and enjoy even when other areas of your life are struggling. At Pro Fitness, we work hard every day to cultivate a facility that will welcome you and make you feel comfortable and motivated. Whether you love fitness classes or you like to do your own thing, we provide solutions at great prices. Keep in mind that every minute you invest in yourself is absolutely worthwhile. Let us help you cultivate a lifestyle that allows you to thrive through life’s ups and downs. Visit us in Cramston for a tour and purchase a membership today!’

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