Every fitness center has a locker room, and it can either be a convenient place to store and change your clothes or an awkward house of horrors. We’ve all seen more than we ever want to see in the locker room and left the gym feeling rather scarred. Whatever unpleasant experiences we might have, it’s a good idea to make sure we aren’t creating unpleasant experiences for others. In our last blog, we discussed etiquette for the weight room, and today, we want to wrap up our etiquette series with the locker room!

Stay on top of your hygiene

The staff of any good gym will work hard to keep the locker rooms smelling pristine and looking pretty, but locker rooms see a lot of action. It’s true, locker rooms smell pretty bad sometimes. It shouldn’t be because of you! Please wear deodorant, and if you’re allergic to deodorant, find a solution. Do not try to cover up your odors with cologne or perfume; it doesn’t work. People’s sense of smell gets particularly strong when exercising, and there’s no hiding anything. The best thing you can do is keep yourself clean and keep your belongings clean. Don’t leave damp or dirty clothes and towels in your locker; take them home and wash them! You’re not only protecting other patrons from bad smells, you’re protecting yourself from dangerous bacteria and the possibility of infection.

Cover up

You might like lounging around your own bathroom or home without a stitch of clothing, but a locker room is a community space. You share it with a bunch of other people who may be really uncomfortable seeing you in your birthday suit. In short, the locker room is not the place to show everyone how comfortable you are with yourself. It’s a place to store things, change clothes, and get cleaned up. Stick to business and be discreet.

Keep the benches clear

Benches are not storage places; that’s what the lockers are for. If the lockers are too small for your entire gym bag, you might need two lockers or a smaller bag. Keeping the benches clear is especially important during peak hours, when many people need the space to change their clothing. Additionally, the benches aren’t safe places to store things. We’d like to think everyone at the gym is as scrupulous as we are, but unsecured valuables disappear from locker rooms a lot. Don’t leave yourself open to this!

Save intimate grooming for home

Tweezing, combing, and blow-drying any hair except the hair on your head is a major no-no in the locker room. The locker room is there to facilitate grooming basics but nothing more. If you need to groom other parts of your body, wait until you get home.

The Pro Fitness Difference

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