Staying active can change your life for the better, but the active lifestyle isn’t free of setbacks. Sickness, aches, and pains are just a few of the obstacles you’ll encounter as the months go by. The good news here is that many of these obstacles can be avoided. Too many people leap into the gym or weight room without considering things they may be doing incorrectly. This is especially common for those who are new to the lifestyle. The last thing we want is the enthusiasm and determination of these intrepid beginners to be crushed by injury or incorrect strategy. Even worse, we don’t want beginners to build bad habits that they carry forward and teach to others.

The internet overflows with workout advice, and it can be difficult to parse out the good points from people who are just repeating bad advice. In today’s blog, we’re going to keep it simple and share some common mistakes we see rookies make in our gym in hopes that you can avoid them.

Don’t Be Tripped Up by These Mistakes

Skipping your warmup.

When you’re young, warmups don’t seem necessary. You can just dive into your workout without a care. The problem is, this just doesn’t work as you get older. In fact, your young days of no warmups can come back to haunt you. Whether you’re in a rush or you haven’t felt the need to warm up before now, we encourage you to start each of your workouts with a warmup from now on. It doesn’t have to be long; just a few minutes on the treadmill, some calisthenics, or high-repetition sets can get your body ready to go. A warmed-up body is less likely to be injured, so warming up is always worth the time. Just five minutes can save you weeks of difficulty.

Going too heavy.

When the people around you are using giant plates and heavy dumbells, it can be really tempting to try to follow suit. Nobody likes heading to the light end of the rack. However, if you succumb to the desire to fit in and go too heavy, too fast, you not only waste your time, you make yourself vulnerable to injury. Instead, focus on using correct weight with perfect form. You’ll build healthy, well-formed muscle that allows you to become one of the people hefting huge plates around in the future.

Only training what is fun.

If you only want to work out your upper body, you aren’t alone. A majority of bodybuilders started out the same way, working to develop the muscles that show under shirts. This, or focusing solely on developing any one part of your body, is a trap. You’ll end up with a disproportionate body and possible injury from unbalanced muscle mass.

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